Devotions from Judy’s heart

While at Kurt’s we had quite a laugh as our 4 year old grandson, Grant, all of a sudden walked down the sidelines at the soccer game all humped over and knees bent wide apart. When we asked him about it, he said he was pretending to walk like grandpa! Now he is 4 and grandpa is 71 and he looked so funny and ridiculous pretending to be grandpa. But do we see this in our every day life…people not being truly themselves but trying to be like someone else?  It may not appear so obvious and so humorous, but is sad that the real person is not being seen.  So often we settle for our false self that is mostly a creation of our own minds and attachments. But our true self is objectively who we are from the beginning in the mind and heart of God.  Thomas Merton said, “If you find God you will find yourself and if you find yourself you will know God.” Let us find our true selves and give up acting and playing a role that is not real.