Devotions from Judy’s heart

One day last week I walked to a friend’s house and just before I turned into her road, Molly, her dog, began, barking. She was outside and saw me coming. Her master tried to restrain her but to no avail. She wanted to greet me and she persisted until he let her go into my waiting arms. She licked me and then frolicked around my legs so I could hardly walk. What a greeting. I wonder sometimes if we are abandoned to the Lord or have we lost our zeal for Him. In Revelation 2, the church in Ephesus had endured patiently but the sad thing was that they had lost their first love. We also can  be busy serving the Lord but lose our zeal for Him. Do you remember that breathless, ecstatic feeling you had when you found the person of your dreams?  No sacrifice was too great for that Love. How much we need to persist and abandon ourselves daily to the Lord, so that nothing can keep us from Him.  Let us not be held back by anything of this world but let ourselves go into the fullness of His love.