Devotions from Judy’s heart

As we traveled to Kansas we went through Pequot and drove by the Bank drive- through canopy where we found shelter one summer night . At that time we were returning home and there were tornadoes around us and predictions of hail. When we saw the bank it brought back memories, but today there were no storm warnings out and we were safe. I have been reading Conversations magazine and this whole issue is devoted to healing.  Sometimes we overreact in areas of hurt and wounding in our lives and need inner healing. Jacci Turner said, “Inner healing is inviting Jesus into the past to see where He was and what He wants to say to us about a painful experience.” We all get stuck in areas of our lives and Jesus wants to free and heal us. Sometimes in healing prayer the results are immediate but often it takes place over time, as in soaking prayers.  Let us care for our wounds and bring all our hurts to the Chief Physician for He has the remedy to heal us. Our wounds can become an instrument of God’s grace.