Devotions for 10-23 from Gary Moon’s book, Apprenticeship with Jesus

Richard Foster wrote, “Think of the millions of people who say, sincerely, that the Bible is the guide to life, but who still starve to death in the presence of its spiritual feast.”

The average person owns 9 Bibles and is looking for more. But have we really grasped the Bible teachings or do we just go to it for information to help us win a debate or answers to a specific problem?
Perhaps we need to approach the Bible more about letting it transform us and knowing more about “with-God” life.  “Indeed, the unity of the Bible is discovered in the development of life ’with-God’ as a reality on earth, centered in the person of Jesus.”

God wants to help us with our specific problems but even more He wants us to be a dwelling place of God.

May we resolve today to spend as many moment of this day in dialogue with Him.