Devotions from Judy’s heart

Yesterday there was a large group of us at church making Lefse to sell. Russ was in charge and we were all given assignments so that the operation would run smoothly. Each person was important to the whole for if one part of the system was slow or nonfunctioning, the rest would suffer….much like an assembly line. In times past I have done everything from peeling potatoes, ricing them, mixing, rolling, and yesterday I got to fry them on the griddle. I had not done that before and didn’t want to blow it. But I found it wasn’t hard but enjoyable. In the Body of Christ we are given assignments from our Head and it isn’t always the same. But if we get stuck and refuse to do the next thing He assigns we miss out. The Lord sees the whole picture and places us exactly where needed and in His exact timing. The Apostle Paul said he only boasted in regard to the area of influence GOD assigned to him. ( II Cor. 10:13).  Let us remember, God is in charge and we take our assignments from Him.  Then our lives will be exciting for we will experience the new things He has planned for us and know we are important to the whole!