Devotions by Brennan Manning’s book, The Rabbi’s Heartbeat

“Keep your own death before your eyes each day”, said Saint Benedict. In our society today there is a refusal to view life in light of eternity. There is a denial of death and a fantasy of invincibility.  Some find it too painful to consider separation from a loved one, and they keep up a frantic pace of life so there is no time to think seriously. To keep our own death before our eyes takes faith and fortitude. When we are most conscious of our belovedness and are alert to the risenness of Jesus, we can face death courageously. Because He lives, we will live. ( John 14:19)  The denial of death is not a healthy option for a Christian. Christ within us is our hope of glory. He is our life, the most real fact about us. He is the power and wisdom of God dwelling within us. Let us keep the thought of death in our consciousness as a reminder of the seriousness and joy of life. Our hope is in the invincible power and might of the risen Christ who overpowered death that we might truly live.