Devotions from Judy’s heart

Our grandson John Mark knows he is loved so much by his parents as he receives their care, attention, hugs, and words of love and affirmation. His parents also know he is not “perfect” but still love him for who he is. We all need people in our lives who see us as we are and mirror goodness in us. We are rich if we have even one true honest friend to ground us, and who responds to the real person we are.  Some people who have not dealt with their own issues will try to mirror their own confused life onto us. But how wonderful when we have a true friend who helps us see even our warts but loves us all the same. We know the Lord perfectly receives us exactly as we are and it is transforming to our lives. It is also a great gift when we are received by another…. for “being totally received as we truly are is what we wait and long for all our lives.”  ( Richard Rhor)