Devotions from Judy’s heart

We are told to seek the Lord while he may be found and to call on Him while He is near. “Is. 55:6.  Have you sensed the Holy Spirit prompting you to do something, respond in a certain way, or say something to someone you had not planned? How good it feels when we obey promptly and feel the Lord’s smile on us. We need to respond at the very time when the Holy Spirit moves upon us. When we don’t act on His prompting the moment passes and we may no longer sense that same leading. The moment is gone! I notice with our little grandson, John Mark, how he readily responds to his mom or dad when they tell him to put away his toys etc. It gives his parents pleasure when they don’t have to coerce him but he obeys right away. I think the Lord gets pleasure when we are quick to obey too!  I wish that were always true in my life but so many times I question etc.
In the prayer from Daily texts from Mount Carmel Ministries I read this prayer that I want to be my prayer: “Gentle Spirit, your love moves us in directions of your choosing. Sometimes I feel the movement and sometimes I don’t. Give me a sense of awareness so that I can seek to move as you would have me move, to live as you would have me live. Open my life to the riches of your treasure today.”