Devotions from Gary Moon’s book

God is very creative. HE designed every atom in our bodies and like Michelangelo, He can see the Imago Dei-the perfect image of Himself- buried inside of us. He uses life and a chisel of grace to hew away the rough walls that imprison that image so that others can see it too.  He particularly is good at redeeming beauty from the discard pile.

To be God’s apprentice is to be our most creative selves because He is creative.  That is why we take such spontaneous delight in all sorts of creative activities….like baking a new dish, expressing our emotions through dance, painting, writing etc.

God made us to experience joy in imitating, in a creative way, his creative activity.

May we realize that in the joy of creativity lies the spark of divine presence within.

You may want to think of ways you like to be creative and ask yourselves which of these is most life-giving for you.  Then block out time to be creative-with –God