Devotions from Gary Moon’s book, Apprenticeship with Jesus

The most fundamental aspect of becoming an apprentice is to be with that person for the purpose of becoming like them.

Re-visioning God as a loving relationship of three- best described as a joyous dance- draws us in.

Part of our apprenticeship to Jesus involves learning how to dance.

As we see God as a dancing Trinity, we become aware that He wants us to join in with Him.

“If we are created in the image of a loving community of other-centered love best described as a perpetual dance of joy, then we will only feel at home to the extent that we have joined the dance. We are to sign on as apprentices, roll out the step chart, and learn to dance to the music of self-forgetfulness.”

Sometimes we can know that we are on the verge of burnout and the cure is to step out from under the weight of the world and to fall in step with the dance of the Trinity. God does not want us to be puppets but wants us as His footloose friends.
The guidelines for abundant living is not pious productivity but learning to dance with God and value loving relationships.