Dear Ones,
It’s a gorgeous warm sunny day and seems more like spring than fall. Well we went to bed last night not knowing who was going to be president and we woke up still not knowing. Now we wait and pray. Al had a good men’s group this morning and I made salmon/zucchini cakes, pumpkin pancakes and individual egg dishes before going to my exercise class. Looking forward to a beautiful walk this afternoon! 
Devotions from Judy’s heart,
Where is our focus at this time? It is good to ask ourselves that question when so much is happening in our culture that is rapidly changing. We see evil being called good and good evil, and those who seem to oppose God’s laws are being emulated and while those who seek His ways are being persecuted. Of course, the enemy wants us filled with hate and worry, and watching the news seems only to increase the fear levels in our hearts. But when we know the Lord, where can we go and how do we handle what is happening today? Like Peter, we have a choice if we are going to look at the size of the waves, or if we are going to keep our eyes on the Lord, Himself. When the storm was fierce on the Sea of Galilee and Jesus walked towards the disciple’s boat, Peter requested Jesus that he might walk on the water to him. He started out fine as he got out of the boat and walked toward Jesus; but his mistake was looking at the choppy sea and the bigness of the waves and he started to sink. Now before we criticize Peter, we can ask ourselves if we would have had the faith to even make such a request of the Lord. Peter obeyed but then fear gripped him as he looked at stormy sea,  he began to sink.  Jesus reached out to save him and He is there for us whenever we falter too. Our part is to keep our eyes on the Lord who is greater than all our fears and worries, and as David prayed in Psalm 141:8 (The Message), “But God, dear Lord, I only have eyes for you. Since I’ve run for dear life to you, take good care of me.” The Lord is always, always there for us, and we need only cry out to Him and then keep focused on Him. A few of the words from the song by Reuben Morgan and Graham Kendrich goes: “Keep my eyes on you/ whatever I go through/ You’re still God / you are God/ your every word is true/  So I’ll put my trust in You/ Faithful One/ Keep my eyes on you.” May we trust in these stormy times with our eyes on Him!
Challenge for today: When fearful situations arise, lift your eyes to the Lord In faith and trust.
Blessings on  your day and prayers and love, Judy