Dear Ones,
It is a cool day and dark and raining out my window. Predictions are for rain the rest of the week and maybe snow too! Today I hope to get to Aldi’s and then to my exercise class and this afternoon to Crafts and tonight to Bible Study. Al is preaching this morning next door at Assisted Living.
Devotions from Judy’s heart
  How can we improve in our relationships with others? Even when we have a quite a good relationship with our friend or spouse, there is always room for improvement and growth to bond us even closer. Jennifer Waddle writes about ways of serving our spouse but I think it applies to everyone around us as well. I will share some of her thoughts along with my own.
   Sometimes we minister to others by just a smile or an understanding look that we give our loved one. It can say more than words and lets them know we understand and are on the same team. Al and I pick up each other’s cues across the room and usually know what we mean without words.
   Jennifer suggests giving to other what we’d like to receive. If we feel like we are lacking for attention and affection give that to them. We might be surprised by the fallout from that! Like Jesus said in Matt. 7:12 (ESV), “So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them.”
   We can also be quick to think of ways to bless others and be a helper in areas of need. Sometimes we can relieve the pressure they are under by simply listening to them well and giving encouragement and affirmation. But as we listen, let us not have one eye on our phones but rather give eye contact and ask questions etc.
   Togetherness is so good but we also need to give one another space and breathing room. Most every day Al and I share as we walk on the trail but there are some days he needs to walk alone and comes back with new insights.
   We also need to notice one another and give compliments and acknowledge how they are a blessing to us. It is helpful to know their love language to discover how they receive love and it is not likely to be the same as ours. If theirs is words of affirmation then it is important to give compliments and words that build up. If their love language is gifts then look for tangible gifts to give spontaneously. Or if it is acts of service than do physical helps that take thought and energy. Perhaps it is quality time, then schedule dates, and meaningful times to be together. Or if it is physical touch, then give lots of hugs, hold hands etc.
  With all our loved ones let us take time to grow closer in our relationship with them and the Lord.
Challenge for today: Serve a loved one today in a special way that would be meaningful to them. 
Blessings on your day and prayers and love, Judy