Today I woke with the words of a song, “Oh Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth!”  The sky was so clear with moon and stars and so awesome. Our whole trip home last night was one of beauty as the moon looked like a ball of fire.

Devotions from Jan Johnson’s book, Invitation to the Jesus Life

People often view eternal life as an existence that starts when we die but in reality it begins now.  Eternal life not only refers to the length of life but the quality of life in which we experience wholeness and union with God.

It is daily tasting the love of God, experiencing joy, peace, etc. “It is nothing else than the life of God himself in you.”
John 17:3 says” Now this is eternal life that they may know you, the only true God.” And know here means an intimate fellowship, and interactive relationship with Him.
God invites us into a transforming, soul-friend relationship with Him
Rather than a life  of self-centeredness, self-preoccupation and self-interest, we now know it is not about “Me” but Him and His kingdom.
We become people who bless the difficult people in our lives, care for others, go the extra mile, live with purpose, let go of pride, let go of grudges….you get the picture.

It’s not just about outward behavior but a transformation of our hearts. The inner life of our soul must be transformed if good things will flow out of us naturally. Trying to be good won’t work but we need to connect with Jesus Himself.

“God doesn’t love us because we are good, but because God loves us, God makes us good.”