Devotions based on Michael Molinos book, The Spiritual Guide

On our journey when the Lord deals with us it is first as a child. We have pleasant outward experiences and life seems delightful and exciting. But there comes a time in our walk with Him that appears dry, dark and desolate and it is a time of purification. We don’t know what God is doing and it’s like a veil is over us. Dry spells are an instrument of God for our own good.  What do we learn from these times?  We learn the gift of perseverance which has many advantages. We will develop a weariness to the things of the world, and the desires of our past life lose their strength. We learn to focus on the new things of God and our attachments to earthly pleasures are cut. We will grow in our willingness to suffer and to do God’s will. We will have a sense of peace within and a confidence in God’s sovereignty.  We may not feel all these things when we are in prayer but later in His time these attributes may appear. This is the way to true spiritual growth.