Devotions from Jan Johnson’s book, “Invitation to the Jesus Life”
As we participate in what it means to die to self, the self sins fade: self-righteousness, and self-pity, self-sufficiency etc.

It means we no longer want to have our own way but ask God to meet our needs and to have His way.

It means we no longer get concerned about what others think of us and are released from the bondage of wanting people to like us. 

We no longer think we know what is best for others but respect them and listen to their ideas.
When attacked we practice silence instead of explaining. We don’t try to manage other’s opinions of us.
It means we no longer get obsessed with self: Self-preoccupation is a result of pride.
“As we die to self, we have the companionship of God and live an eternal life now.”

Embracing the cross was Jesus  act of self-giving love for us and a world full of self-importance and in need of selflessness.
More on this tomorrow .