Devotions from Judy’s heart

This morning I read in Luke 21 about the poor widow who put in 2 small coins in the temple treasury. It was all she had to live on!  What a contrast to the Biltmore Estate we toured yesterday with the enormous oak dinner table that seated 38, the 43 bathrooms, the bowling alley, the swimming pool, etc with over 1800 workers to keep the estate beautiful.  It was truly lovely and we enjoyed seeing the lavish furnishings in each of the over 200 rooms. But I must say I actually preferred the simple style of the monastery with its peaceful atmosphere. One feels so close to the Lord. When I think of the hidden life of solitude and the prayerfulness of the monks, it stirs my heart. They own nothing and yet they are so rich. One does not need an abundance of things to be happy but rather to commune with the Lord and receive His lavish love.   The words of the song came to mind that I learned as a child, “ A tent or a cottage why should I care. He’s building me a mansion over there…. He has riches untold!  Let us seek true riches that last forever!