Dear Ones, Hope you are having a good weekend and staying well. This morning I made zucchini fries and did lots of other food prep and cleaned the apt. I am  staying home tomorrow and going to go to church online since my nose is so big  and my hair not washed for 5 days with 3 more days to go. I might scare people!! EmojiDevotions from Judy’s heart Are there times we wonder if God has heard our prayers and question why He hasn’t answered yet? Even Habakkuk said in Hab.1:2, “How long, Lord, must I cry for help and you do not answer?” He felt like God wasn’t stepping in and doing something about the sinfulness going on in Judah. The truth is that God answers every believing prayer, but not necessarily the way we would always desire. Sometimes He says yes, but other times He says no or wait. When we studied prayer in our Bible study group we saw a yes answer when King Hezekiah was dying and cried bitterly, asking God for a longer life. God answered with a yes and gave him 15 more years.  But Jesus Himself prayed to the Father with loud cries and tears that the cup of suffering would pass from Him but he also said not as He willed but only the Father’s will. His  answer was a no for it was part of the Father’s plan that Jesus suffer and die for us that we might have salvation. Sometimes God’s answer is a wait answer. I have always loved the story of David when he was fighting against the Philistines. The first time God told him to attack right away but the next time the enemy came against him he was told to wait. He was to circle around and then wait for the sound of marching in the mulberry trees. (I Chron.14:15) David was obedient and waited until he heard the sound in the trees; he then struck down the enemy and victory was his. It’s rather like that for us. With each request we have we need to ask for His will and listen for his answer. It may come in many different ways, but He always answers. We need to accept whatever that is and know that His answer is the best and always on time. Challenge for today: Pray in faith and trusting and as you wait patiently for His answer. Blessings on your weekend and prayers and love, Judy