Devotions from Jan Johnson’s book, “Invitation  to the Jesus Life”
 When Jesus got up every morning, He knew why He was here…to reveal God, to demonstrate how to live interactively with God, and to pass on this love to others. He didn’t concern himself with being accepted or applauded in speaking.  He was secure in his identity.

When we examine our intentionality or lack of it, we might ask ourselves the question, “What is it you want?”  When James and John and their mother came to Jesus and asked for places of honor, that is the question Jesus asked them. (Matt. 20:20-28)  He also asked them , “Can you drink the cup I am going to drink?”

Without realizing it, our soul, which is almost totally beyond conscious awareness, is running our life according to our true wants.  This shows up in our behaviors on which we spend most of our time and effort every day; the thoughts to which our minds drift; the things on which we spend our money etc.

It is a good thing to ask God to reveal to us in prayer what our real wants are. Then we have a place to start because we know what truly governs our life. What do we hope to accomplish and how can I further God’s purposes. What do we want people to remember most about us? 

Can we drink the cup ( of sacrifice) that Jesus drank. To do so would mean giving up normal self-focused desires–reputation, having my way, being entertained.
We may need to set aside even good things so that we can know God better and follow Jesus.
Solitude is important so we don’t get sidetracked by peoples’ demands.  Practice reflection so we can hear our real thoughts and know what we really want.

He wants our hearts and to join Him in the circle of love, joy and peace.