Devotions from Stephen Smith’s book, Soul Custody

To find our true vocation we must pay attention to what moves us. We need to ask ourselves when do I feel passion rise within me?   “ Work is more than mere work when we realize, this is what I was made for-this is what I must do.” Some of us may have to try several lines of work before we discover what fits us.  Each job becomes its own school of the soul to teach us, to inform us, to point us forward to the next step.  Our lives’ work is really a composite of all the jobs-good and bad, success or failure- that teach us, make us and shape us for our calling.  We need to pay attention to what we learn in each one about ourselves and our roles. There is not cookie –cutter approach for our souls for each of us is different. It may help to explore our inner soul with a spiritual guide or a trusted friend. Let us live our questions and pick up unturned stones and look under them for the truth. As we discern the truth about ourselves and our callings, along with our passions, interests and giftedness, God will open doors for opportunities and orchestrate how it all comes together.  Often this convergence doesn’t happen until we are in our 50’s and beyond. Let us all watch for the light on our path and move forward. May our work be worship for as we live for a greater purpose than ourselves and a greater calling than our egos, we give glory to Him.