Dear Ones,
Happy Weekend to you! The house is full of aroma as I am making cookies and pumpkin pancakes and bacon. Al gets to sample everything soon. Emoji I want to get some writing done and later we need to go to Costco.
Devotions from Judy’s heart
   So much is happening around us and we need to be aware of the signs that God gives us, so we are prepared for what is ahead. Of course, we can close our eyes to what is happening and ignore what God is trying to tell us, and many do. But how much better if we are alert and reading the signs before us. Kris Potter wrote and gave an example of her and her daughter when they were going shopping and came up one sign after another that there was Work Ahead. Her daughter kept going 60 mph even though the warnings were given. Finally, when they went around a curve, they had to suddenly stop as there was road work and a flag person. The daughter made a remark, “Well that’s nice. No warning at all!” When her mom told her she had been warned 3 times, she said must have had her mind on other things.

   But how about us? Do we ignore all the signs and warnings the Lord is giving us. Our minds can be swirling with what we think are more important things than what He is saying. But one day we may go around a corner and realize we should have paid attention. When we might go on a trip and there are blizzard warnings, we need to heed the warning and take precautions and have emergency items and warm clothes along. It is too late when the storm hits, and we are unprepared. But we need to listen and agree with the signs given us. Just like Kris’s daughter needed to slow down, we also need to do that and take time to be with the Lord and listen to Him as He speaks. That is not wasting time but helps us focus on what is truly important. I am speaking to myself here as it too often happens that I spend time for my private devotions each morning and then write one for you to read, and then go quickly off to a class or get busy in the kitchen. All of a sudden, I realize I didn’t take time to just be silent and listen. I want to do better and that it would be my priority to listen with a quiet heart. Like Jesus said in Luke 11:28 (Message), “Even more blessed are those who hear God’s Word and guard it with their lives!”  Other translations say, we are blessed if we hear the Word and do it. We need to listen so we can obey and do whatever it is the Lord is speaking to us.

   Let us watch for the signs the Lord gives us and take time to listen and heed them and agree with His plan. We have no idea what will unfold in our land as things continue to get more out of control. But God has a plan, and we need to read His signs.
  Challenge for today: Take 5 minutes to just be quiet and listen to the Lord.
Blessings on your weekend and prayers and love, Judy