Devotions from Judy’s heart,

I wonder sometimes if giving isn’t contagious and how one grateful heart prompts another to give too. When we were at Paul and Alison’s, I felt led to just buy Alison a winter coat and a dressy blouse when we were shopping at a store that helps support a Christian school. They showed us such warm hospitality and love and I wanted to express my thanks. But it wasn’t long before I got back just as much and more than I gave! When Alison went to pay her bill at Macy’s I waited in the shoe dept and found shoes that are comfortable and fit me perfectly, which is amazing. She had coupons that needed to be used before they expired and wanted me to use them so I got shoes for far less of the regular price. Then when we were on the road today, she called and wanted us to use a free stay at a hotel that didn’t even cost them any points. So here we are at the penthouse of the Indigo and everything is so plush. I know we don’t deserve all of this and we are receiving it from them in the love it was given. I read the definition of Agape love from Michelle Lazurek: “Agape is the selfless, sacrificial love that is completely motivated by the desire to benefit someone else. This love begins in the mind and manifests itself in loving choices and actions towards others.”   Let us be lavish with God’s love and giving as He has done to us!!