Devotions from Jan Johnson’s book, “Invitation to the Jesus Life”

We read so often that Jesus was moved with compassion and even His miracles flowed from His love and compassion.  He was never harsh, hardhearted, remote, cold, distant, calloused, or without pity. He was attentive to the hardships of others and was often interrupted by other’s needs.  He was a person of both prayer and action, who could be continually mindful of God and yet be fully present with people as an attentive empathetic healer.

May we avoid slipping into complacency and have that same blend as we pray for others, to be moved also into action.   He wants to teach us to respond to each nudge of compassion with merciful action.

“Being present and attentive to those in crisis is part of how we colabor with God as a light in the darkness.”

We can love only because He first loves us. So as we connect with God and receive His compassion, we will hear the cries of others needing His love and be guided into prayer and action.