Devotions from Judy’s heart

God has given us a beautiful blueprint in His word for living our lives. As we follow His way we can walk in freedom and hope. But in our world today, God’s word is not only neglected but disputed that God actually means what He says.  Lately I have meditated on Ps. 119 and was reminded (verse 89), “Your Word, O Lord is eternal:  it stands firm in the heavens.” The unfolding of His Word gives, light ( verse 130).  When the Word gets into us it releases God’s power to change us.  Over and over again the Psalmist says he loves the word and that it shapes his life and directs his steps. ( Verse 133). It is to be our nourishment and strength and from it we receive knowledge and good judgment. But we are also warned not to add or take away from it and to hate every wrong path.  Do we neglect the Word or become so busy serving Him that we don’t take time for it.  May we open ourselves to receive the wonderful things He has waiting for us to discover in His Word.