Dear Ones,
Hope you are having a good weekend and enjoying this nice weather. I cleaned the apt and packed some things up to go to Ann’s tomorrow for Mother’s Day.We will also go to church in Hackensack and hear Leif preach. Kurt and buddies moved the sauna down the hiil by the cabin yesterday as Matt used his bulldozer and lots of wisdom. Will be wonderful to have the sauna down by the lake instead of across the road. 
Devotions from Judy’s heart
  It’s Mother’s Day tomorrow and a day to honor those who have birthed us or chose us through adoption, and sacrificed so much for us. We were all put into a family to help us grow and to become what God has planned for us.
   For many years I wondered if I had the right mother, as we seemed to be so different from one another; but later I recognized how very blessed I was to have the mother God chose for me and who knew and loved Him and taught me His ways.   
   I was reading what Andrew Towe, pastor and author, had to say about a very special mother in the Bible named Jochebed. Maybe that name does not ring a bell to you at all, but she was the mother of Moses. She gave birth to him during a very oppressive time, for King Pharaoh had ordered all Hebrew babies to be thrown into the Nile River and drown. But God had a different plan and used Jochebed to save not only her son but a nation. She was a woman of faith who hid her son after he was born until she could no longer hide the growing child. So, she made a basket of bullrushes and put baby Moses in it and floated him in the reeds by the river bank. Like Pastor Towe wrote, “Moses sailed on the water that was intended to kill him.”
   Pharaoh’s daughter discovered him when she came with her maidens to bathe. She heard his cries and had compassion on him and overturned Satan’s plan to kill him. He was raised by her in the palace and God’s purpose to save God’s people was accomplished for his life.
   As the Lord said to Jeremiah 32:27 (God’s Word), “I am the Lord God of all humanity. Nothing is too hard for me.”
   Moses’ mother acted in faith and was rewarded. She committed her son into God’s hands just like we must do with our children. We have no idea all that they will encounter in life and our part is to teach them of the Lord and pray much for them all our days. I wonder how many plans of Satan have been thwarted by a praying mother! Even when the outlook is not favorable at the time, let us never, never, give up but stand strong with an expectant heart for what God can do.
   Challenge for today: By faith commit your children into God’s hand, pray daily, and never ever give up.
Blessings on your weekend and prayers and love, Judy