Devotions based on David Benner’s book, Soulful Spirituality

Reality is the place where spirit and soul meet. Apart from a grounding in reality, both our soul and spirit wither and our spirituality is just pretense and posturing. We generally want truth on our own distorted terms so we can make ourselves more acceptable and comfortable. We can rationalize, project, and display feelings that are opposite of our real experience   but this only leads to a life of illusion.  When we choose the path of reality even though it may lead us through experiences we would never choose, we will discover that life can be lived with more intensity, passion, clarity and vision. Life will have deep meaning and substance. “Authenticity is living the reality that we are.”  This is like coming home to our true self.  Too often we confuse who we are with what we do or what we have.  Instead let us live the life that is ours. “Finding and living that unique, authentic self is the challenge on which all our existence, peace, and happiness depend.”  Let us accept our life as it is and live the gift of life that we have in the midst of our present realities.