Devotions from Judy’s heart

This morning I read from Rom. 1 as Paul expresses his longing to see the Romans that they would be mutually encouraged.  When we get together as brothers and sisters in Christ, isn’t that what it is about… to encourage one another in the faith?  As we have been traveling, I read Conversations magazine about Hospitality and how we need to know we are beloved and have a sense of self so that we can give to others. As we are hospitable to ourselves, then God’s love can overflow into the lives of others around us. Rachel Crabb said, “Hospitality is nothing less than giving something that is alive in you for the well being of another.” It can be as simple as encouraging another, giving them coffee, dinner, a phone call, a note, or just listening to another. We are all called to hospitality and to provide space for others, not trying to change them but creating an opportunity for them to find God and His way in their lives. Let us  not impose our own agendas, our convictions or our life styles on others, but genuinely receive others, for then we will all have space to grow and be encouraged.