Dear Ones,
Hope you had a wonderful weekend. We enjoyed our time in Kansas with family and thank you for prayers for our safe travels. This morning I went to my dermatology appointment and then to Aldi’s and on to my exercise class. Thankful we live so close to things here and can just buzz from one to the other.
Devotions from Judy’s heart
  When we read about miracle healing in scripture, many people think that spectacular healing does not happen today, but it does more often than we think. If we note as we read how Jesus healed people, it was not like one size fits all for He did it in different ways, as did Jesus followers. Sometimes it was only a word spoken and the person was healed without even being touched. Other times healing occurred in stages as in Mark 8 when Jesus spit on the blind man’s eyes and laid hands on him, and then asked him if he could see. At that point the man only saw people that looked like walking trees. So Jesus laid his hands on his eyes again and his sight was fully restored.
   Healing comes in many forms and it happens today. I read J.P. Moreland’s book on Experience Miracles and he documents and helps us understand more about miracles today. If we have never seen a miracle, we need to ask ourselves how often do we pray for them to happen or do we live in doubt.
  When we pray for healing, we need to believe that God heals today and not doubt like the wave of the sea. Of course, there are times God is using the suffering for greater good in the person’s life and has a bigger plan. Sometimes our sin keeps us from getting well or maybe we refuse to go for medical help when God wants to use our doctor. It could be the timing is not right or that healing may be gradual. There are even cases where the person may not want to be healed as they feel special with all the attention and don’t have to be responsible to do what healthy people do.  
  I would like to share a healing miracle that Moreland writes about in his Vineyard church in Anaheim, CA. They offer healing prayer every Monday night for anyone who needs and they have trained prayer teams. One night Susan came for prayer as she heard about the service from her high school students. She was very sick and had tried medical treatments by many doctors but her condition got worse. Her cancer had spread to 51 places throughout her body and she was given no hope but sent home to die. She came to the Vineyard church off and on for healing prayer and felt loved and cared for. But then one Monday night during prayer time she felt like her whole body was filled with heat and electricity. She just knew she was healed and contacted her main doctor. He ordered a PET scan and was shocked when it showed that all of the cancer in her body was gone. She was cancer-free! As a result this Jewish woman gave her life to the Lord. 
  Another case of a young woman who was legally blind for12 years with juvenile Macular Degeneration and was instantly healed and continues for 47 years, up to time of the book’s publication.
  So many more miracles are happening today so let us step out in faith and pray!
  Challenge for today: Offer to pray for someone when they share their need and be amazed at what God will do.
Blessings on your week and prayers and love, Judy