Devotions based on Albert Haase’s book, This Sacred Moment

When we are led by the Spirit we will be open to the unmet needs of others in this present moment. Our commitment is characterized by four more traits of the Spirit’s fruit as found in Gal. 5: love, kindness, generosity, and faithfulness. Love is the motivating force behind our openness to needs of others. When we show love to our enemy it is the acid test of whether we are living in the Spirit or still a slave to our own ego. It’s not so much about an emotion but more about a decision  to love them, do good to them, lend to them etc. ( Luke 6:29-35) When guided by the Spirit we overcome the temptation to retaliate, or to balance the scales of justice. When we are open to their need it is what self-emptying is all about. Kindness makes a person sparkle with self-forgetfulness and compassion for others. It lies behind the acts of our charity and hospitality. One man decided that he would perform one deliberate act of charity each day during Lent. He was clearly sowing the seed of the new life of the Spirit. Generosity is closely connected to kindness and makes a person big-hearted- sharing time, talents, and treasuresl. This trait comes from the conviction that God can be trusted to provide all of our needs so hoarding is not an option. It may mean not just giving from our surplus but giving from our own daily need as the church in Macedonia did in II Cor. 8:1-5.  The Spirit also guides us in the way of faithfulness and it is about being loyal, trustworthy, and reliable. Faithfulness is also about being “full of faith”. It is loyalty and trust in God despite the obstacles placed in our paths. The Spirit is the source of our holiness and let us live by the Spirit and walk by the Spirit.