Devotions from Gary Thomas’ book Pure Pleasure

There is no doubt how important praying, serving, giving, meditating etc is. But they are not the only pleasures, for God accepts more than “religious activities”.  We must give ourselves permission to sip a cup of coffee, watch a football game without feeling as if God has to excuse himself from the room. We need to build our life by making room for healthy pleasures that lift our soul in the midst of our most difficult days. We can put our family, our health, our ministry in jeopardy by living as though we can’t go 24-7 without a break. Let us think about what gives us lasting pleasure. What leaves us refreshed, renewed and revitalized?  I think we would find it different for all of us. Some enjoy pleasure in touching like a hot-oil massage.  Some find it from hearing like listening to our favorite group on a fabulous sound system.  Or some people get pleasure from tasting- like enjoying a gourmet meal.  Others derive pleasure from looking at a breath-taking scene. Many find great pleasure in creating things like painting a scene of beauty. Others may relish mental stimulation like word puzzles. Many find pleasure in connecting with others and relating in deep ways.  How about just sharing laughter with a friend?   Let us do what inspires us to the point that it inflates our soul and makes us long to be faithful and obedient..