Devotions from Gary Thomas’ book Pure Pleasure

Dr. Houston said “For Christians who live closely with God, life is like a festival.”
In fact if we live in a spirit of gloom it denies the effectiveness of Jesus sacrifice on the cross. He set us free and our freedom needs to be realized and celebrated.

IF God’s people can’t play and celebrate, then who can?  To call God anti-pleasure is to dishonor Him who created pleasure and who promises pleasures for evermore.

Of course we need to set boundaries so we don’t fall captive to the enemy. But also we must remember that because something is wrong in excess doesn’t mean it is unhealthy in moderation.

Heaven is a place of extravagance and the most important part of heaven will be living in the presence of God…But His presence will also set us free to truly enjoy all that He has made for our benefit. Can you even imagine the feasting, the rejoicing, dancing, singing, laughing and playing? 
“When we embrace pleasure we stand on God’s ground.  He uses pleasure to motivate us and to bless us.”  …..chances are it will lead to worship!