Devotions from Trevor Hudson’s book, Discovering our Spiritual Identity

Our God who speaks to us, is also our God who listens to us when we speak. We are heard…everything we say, every sigh we make, every cry and groan. Everything is heard by our listening God. Talking with our God who listens has life-changing consequences. First it brings us into an intimate relationship with Him as we share our hearts. It transforms us as the power of the Spirit changes our character to be more like Him. Secondly as we speak openly to God, we come to know ourselves. As we take off our masks and acknowledge even our dark side, our self-knowledge increases.  We discover that as we share our broken selves with Him, He draws us deeper into His love and grace. Thirdly, as we talk with God, it changes the way we relate to others. Our self-centered hearts begin to care for others with greater concern.  We must come to God truthfully and speak from our inner depths. It will not diminish our Belovedness and we deeply know that we matter!!