Devotions from John Ortberg’s book, The  Me I Want to Be

Our relationships with others grows deep when we are real and honest about the sin that is common to us all. When we can step into openness and stop pretending, we will find ourselves coming alive. Hiddenness is the enemy of flourishing. When someone knows the embarrassing, humiliating truth about us and still accepts us we come alive.

We don’t’ need people to give advice and solve our problems so much as we need someone who can touch our wounds with a tender hand,  sit with us in silence, who can stay with us in our hour of grief  and who cares for us.

“To be fully known and fully loved is the most healing gift one human being can give another.” Pretending cuts us off from the flow of the Spirit.   We are all forgiven, recovering sinners, and no one can be secure in a relationship if they are loved only because they are smart, pretty, strong or successful. Confession, connectedness to each other and to God, brings healing.

“In a community gathered around a cross, there is no room for pedestals.”  Our churches should be a place where everyone can bring their baggage and brokenness and be loved without pretending!