Devotions based on Rupp and Wiederkehr’s book, The Circle of Life

The seasons teach us of the ebb and flow of life. Autumn shows us that all things are passing but even in the passing there is beauty. The decaying leaves are compost and mulch for the soil. There is life in dying. Everything is dying to live. We all have to face the truth that nothing lasts forever. We learn to honor the dying. Everything is moving, flowing on into something new. As the leaves let go, an emptiness appears in the trees and the naked beauty of the branches can be seen. But as we peer through the branches there are other things that can be seen more clearly.  That is also true in our lives. What in our lives needs to fall away? If we let go of a relationship that is not healthy, our hearts have more room to grow. We are able to receive new people into our lives whose gifts we have never noticed.  As we also surrender our dream of good health that would last forever, we may become more grateful even when our health fails, for we see all we have taken for granted. As we surrender our possessions and don’t treat them like little gods, we experience joyful freedom too. Let us be encouraged to let things  move on in our lives and flow into the new that He has for us..