Devotions from Judy’s heart

Yesterday I went up town to do many errands and I had to time it just right. The post office was only open for 1 ½ hours; the bank only for part of the morning, as well as, the Co-op; and the Dollar Store didn’t open until 9.  I was able to get to each store while it was open because of my timing. But if I had gone in the afternoon, I would have missed out on most all of them. God’s timing is perfect and although we say we want to do His will first, are we really on His time schedule? Some of us may jump ahead of his timing in eagerness or impatience. Others of us may lag behind as we need to decide if we are really going to do it His way. But when we are willful, our timing is not in sync with His, and we miss out.  Jesus was very aware of His Father’s timing and did not jump ahead as his disciples often wanted Him to do. And He didn’t lag behind but willingly went to the cross.  Let us do the will of God from our hearts ( Eph 6: 6) and we will be on His time table and bring delight to Him.