Devotions based on Trevor Hudson’s book, Discovering our Spiritual Identity

We all have a personal calling but it is not only for our sake but points our hearts towards our neighbor as well. Often we have feelings of resistance towards our calling. We may make excuses  thinking I am a nobody, I don’t know enough about God, what happens if I fail, I don’t have what it takes, or maybe someone else can do it better. But our Father who calls us will also empower us and strengthen us. He also sends others to encourage us and confirm His gifts in our lives. Personal calls do not come in stereotyped and standardized categories. They show the infinite creativity of our creator. Sometimes our personal calling and our daily job coincide and we are paid for doing what we believe God has called us to do. Other times our calling is pursued outside our work hours. The author is a pastor and gets paid for doing what his job description is as well as His calling. But all personal callings involve living from the inside out. “It is responding to the inner promptings of the Spirit, expressing the unique essence of who we are and giving ourselves away in some particular way that enriches the lives of others.”
Let us remember we are called into being before we are called into doing. Our callings are discovered as we are in relationship to Him in greater intimacy.  Let us follow our hearts and experience what He has for us.