Dear Ones,
Hope you are having a restful weekend. The sun is shining and looks to be a beautiful day. We have a retreatant here and spent time together sharing last night and this morning he will have some time alone with the Lord. I just delivered breakfast outside his door. We want to leave the day up to however the Holy Spirit leads. 
Devotions from Judy’s  heart
  Whose perspective do we choose in our lives…our own limited perspective or looking from God’s point of view? If we are honest, too often we live life from our small range of vision and fail to view it from His limitless perspective. Wow! Do we ever miss out!
  As I write this devotion, I find it necessary to put on my reading glasses or I would waste time doing a lot of squinting and putting my face close up to my computer screen. Much easier to just put on my glasses and see how clear everything becomes and do my work in half the time. Likewise, when we are bent over in worry, we need to reach for our spiritual glasses that give us the right perspective on things, God’s s perspective. 
   When we go through difficult times and wonder if things will always be this same way, we get stressed and lack hope as are bowed over in worry. But that is because we are looking from our own limited view and not from God’s all expansive panoramic one. The Lord sees and He knows exactly what is happening behind the scenes and may have designed this time in our lives as a character-building experience. As Paul said in Romans 5: 3b-4 (God’s Word); “We know that suffering produces endurance, endurance creates character and character creates confidence.”  The Lord may be using our present circumstance to exercise our faith muscles for He knows it will help in the days ahead.
   Our perspective can also be changed when we rehearse past victories in our lives and remember how the Lord took us through similar trials. I just read today how after the Children of Israel crossed the Jordon River God told them to take 12 stones from the river and erect them on the land where they would spend the night. God told them to do this so they would never forget the miracles He performed for them. We need to recount God’s miracles in our lives as well, so we will have peace in our present trials, knowing God will come through for us.
  Because we are so limited and tend to see things from our small perspective, we need to put on our glasses of faith and trust and wear them all the time!
Challenge for today: When getting anxious and worried, stop and put on your spiritual glasses and go in peace.
Blessing on your weekend and prayers and love,, Judy