Dear Ones,
Hope you have a wonderful day! We got more snow and our son Kurt from KS is on his way to the cabin and stopping in here this afternoon. He will have to dig his way down to the cabin!  This morning I am very busy in the kitchen making things for company coming. I am going to Aldi’s and Exercise class this morning and tonight  is soup supper and Al sharing at the Lenten service. 
Devotions from Judy’s heart
   God’s good gifts come to us in many kinds of wrappings. We never know just when He will surprise us but whenever His gifts reach us, we need to acknowledge that He is the generous giver and we are the grateful receiver. I like that He varies how He showers blessings as we don’t know when or how He will meet a specific need; but I’m quite sure He is hopeful we will recognize that it is from Him.
   Maybe we have all have shared with the Lord of a need we have and then He prompts someone to be the answer. They send us a gift that is the exact amount of what we needed to pay a bill or they volunteer to do something we are not able to do etc., and we absolutely know it is Him. Other times it is more hidden and we may not find out for some time that He orchestrated it.
  I had such an experience this week as I have looked for a white dresser for over 4 years to go in our bedroom. Some dressers I looked at were too wide or tall or too expensive but I have kept my eye out. We have Salvage Sisters store just inside the mini mall where I go exercise. It is the first store so I pass it twice a week. Unless an employee opens it a few minutes early, I rarely get to shop there as it isn’t open yet. But the times I have checked and a white dresser comes in, it is sold before I can get Al there to look at it with me. But this week the gal opened the door early just as I was buzzing to my class, and I asked her my usual question, “Do you have a white dresser yet?” She surprisingly said yes, they had one that had just came in; and this time it was the perfect size, fancier than I had anticipated and matches my white desk. I loved it! I hoped no one would buy it before Al came with me to look it over. We both knew, this is it! The one! We had it home in no time and our old one that is dark wood will go to our grandsons. I thanked the Lord for if the gal had not opened the store early and I had seen her at the time, I don’t think it would be in our bedroom now. This is just a small thing compared to life changing needs we may have, but big or small gifts are from Him and no matter how they are wrapped they deserve a big thank you to the Lord. James 1:17 says, “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above.”
Challenge for today: Give a need that you have to the Lord and watch and wait for His provision and give thanks.
Blessings on your day and prayers and love, Judy