Devotions from John Ortberg’s book, The ME I Want to Be

We can’t stop thinking wrong thoughts by trying harder to not think them but we can “Set our mind”.   We can choose what we pay attention to. At any moment we can turn our thoughts in one direction or another. It is similar to setting a thermostat. It is creating a target for the climate. Just as the heating and air-conditioning will have to adjust in relation to the weather, the goal is  to create a life-giving climate.  The Spirit desires the climate of love, joy, peace through each moment of the day. We have the freedom to decide what our mind will dwell on. We can look for the presence and goodness of God in our lives and tune into the Spirit, asking Him to guide our thoughts. The mind shapes the brain. Neurons that wire together fire together. So when we practice hope, love, or joy, our minds is literally rewiring our brain!  We are not victims of whatever thoughts run through our brains like helpless spectators looking on.  We can choose to set our minds on His goodness and mercy and love etc. Let us have our  minds set on Him this night!!