Dear Ones,
Hope you had a great weekend and a time to be refreshed. It’s sunny and not so windy so we will be able to walk outside today. This morning I made bars and went to Aldi’s and to my exercise class. 
Devotions from Judy’s heart
How many of us live in such a way that what we believe inside of us is always expressed outwardly in our lives. I don’t know about you, but I find I fail at this in ways every day; my heart’s desire though is to live a life of congruence so that what is inside matches the outside. I am reading a book by Pastor Eugene Peterson who sought to let his preaching and teaching be one with how he lived his life…in other words to practice what he preached. How good that is when our words and actions are matched with what we believe in our hearts and live out each day. Pastor Peterson wanted what he preached to be lived out in him and his congregation, with no dissonance or pretense. He found he became more patient where they were at and not how he wanted them to be. There are those that read the Word more as a history book rather than a book of faith in God. Instead of reading just commentaries and books about the Bible Peterson says, “Read the book!” God has so much to say to us and we need to take time to read his instructions and His love letter to us. The Lord is our Friend and we are to live as His friend, not doubting His love for us, but basking in it. Peterson shares how Abraham was called a friend of God. In James 2:23 (NRSV) it says, “Abraham believed God, and it was reckoned to him as righteousness, and he was called the friend of God.” Being a friend meant that he knew God was on his side, not in the sense of being like teachers’ pet with special treatment, but God was for him. In fact, Abraham endured leaving his secure life in Ur and saying good-by to family and homeland, living through famine and facing many dangers. But Abraham lived as a friend of God and built altars to God wherever he went. He built them himself out of stone and remembered the Lord. As we identify with Lord and know that He is for us, let us live as His friend. Friends are honest and will tell us things we don’t always want to hear but they do it out of love. Friendship is about relationship, not for what someone can do for us, but for who they are. We remember one another, we have pleasure in each other’s company and they help us becomes more of our true selves. Actually, Abraham didn’t ask God for anything but he expressed gratitude to Him as he built altars, obeyed, prayed, believed and was present to Him. Just like his friendship with the Lord, may we live as a friend of God, and express outwardly what is in our hearts.
Challenge for today: Remember you are God’s friend and treat Him as your best friend each day.
Blessings on your week and prayers and love, Judy