Devotions from James Smith book, Embracing the Love of God

What does a Normal day look like when we are caring for our body, soul and spirit?

When we wake up we can turn our thoughts to the Lord first and thank Him for his grace, love, forgiveness, and care for us. This helps us get a view of the day from his perspective.
Secondly, we can ask him to direct our whole day- all our thoughts, words, and actions. This reminds us that we are not in control of our lives and enables God to nourish and shape us.

Thirdly, we can eat meals that are both nourishing and enjoyable, and allow time to exercise and play.
Fourthly, we can take time to be quiet and alone as well as to enjoy the company of others. Fifteen minutes of solitude and an evening of conversation with close friends will strengthen our spirits.

Fifthly, we will make a conscious effort to be aware of the Lord’s presence every few hours or so. Our day will include time set aside for prayer and lifting up needs.

Sixthly, we will exercise our minds by reading or studying something that stimulates and moves us. It might be a passage of scripture or even a movie that causes us to think on Him

Lastly, we try to get enough sleep as God does not intend for us to get exhausted. As we fall asleep we can pray, using the Lord’s Prayer or 23rd Psalm as our guide. Then tell God we are grateful for the day and look forward to the next.

All these things add life to our years on this earth. Life is too short to work in a job we hate, to miss the spring blossoms, to neglect to tell our loved ones how important they are to us etc.  We will never have time to do all the things we want to do in this life so let us spend our time well.