Devotions from Margaret Silf’s book, At Sea With God

We are all on a journey that we might envision as a circular journey, like a voyage around the world of our own unique circumstances. This voyage seems to keep on returning us to its beginnings.  Our choices help determine whether

our personal spiral is leading upward towards the fullness of everything we are called to become, or downward into disintegration. This spiral journey reveals the windings of our own growth in wisdom and love and understanding.

 Our destination is the ocean of God’s love with its potential to transform us from who we are now into the fullness of all creation into which we are being called. “To live a life of faith is to trust the journey and to shape our choices in favor of the spiral that leads to life.”

We can learn from all that has been, to help us sail true into the waters that still lie ahead. Each of us is making a unique journey and we begin at our own home port and sail to the horizon that will reveal who we truly are before God.  We each have to deal with our wind patterns, the storms, and  both the best and worst in ourselves.  We must take the responsibility for our pathway through life, even though we journey alongside others. “When we are ready to voyage beyond the horizon, it won’t matter anymore that our boat falls apart,. We will have learned to trust the immensity of the ocean of God’s love.”