Dear Ones,
Hope you are having a sunny day. The rain is over, and the sun is trying to peek out. I just finished making Gluten free cookies, having donuts and coffee with Al, and cleaning the blinds in the living room. We have Bible Study this afternoon and a party tomorrow and then the Holiday weekend begins. 
Devotions from Judy’s heart
    Are we known for having a Grumbling heart or a Grateful heart? Would others around us call us complainers or would they say we have a gracious grateful spirit? Big difference and I would rather be around someone who is the latter.
   We are told to be thankful and grateful for as I read today in Psalm 136:1-2,  Let everyone thank God, for He is good, and He is easy to please! His tender love for us continues on forever! Give thanks to God, our King over all gods! His tender love for us continues on forever!” God’s love for us never quits. If our hearts are full of gratitude to the Lord, it affects all aspects of our lives. We will come to have a contented spirit that is selfless and sets us free to express His love to others. Don’t you love to be around people that are focused on the Lord, and also other centered? It isn’t all about them, but they genuinely want to know about others.
    If I had been Moses, I would have gotten exasperated with all the complaining he had to listen to during those years in the wilderness. “This water doesn’t taste good! I am tired of manna! I don’t want to move on just yet. Can’t we stay in this place a few more days!” But the people were given a vivid awareness of the Lord with them in the cloud by day and the pillar of fire at night. But before we judge them, let us examine our own hearts and ask the Holy Spirit to show us our own ingratitude and times we complain. We may not be so overt about our complaining but may say we are thankful for a particular item and then add that we were hoping for more or a better updated model. If we are focused on a comfortable life without any problems or accumulating wealth, we will be disappointed as the Lord never promised that. God is good whether or not He answers our prayers in the way we want or whether a problem is something we have to go through because He has a higher purpose in mind.
  Let us trust that He is faithful, and He knows what is best for our lives instead of complaining. May we welcome all the opportunities He sends to draw us ever closer to Him.
Challenge for today: Ask the Lord for a grateful heart and to change you rather than your circumstances.
Blessings on your day and prayers and love, Judy