Devotions from Margaret Silf’s book, At Sea With God

As we voyage on the sea of life, we may be hit by storm-force winds that surprise us and challenge us.  We can never really be prepared for them. They can be an unexpected turn of events that demands a radical rearrangement of our lives, or in interpersonal conflict, a family crises etc. The effects of storms can be far-reaching and sometimes we are left feeling alone and isolated, with our energy being sapped. At such times of turbulence it is good to make space to regularly be still and to reflect and pray. It is a time to ask for clear vision, energy, and focus for what is most essential in our journey. When there is a break in the storm, we can take the opportunity to get our bearings, and to reconnect with the world around us, responding to its needs and allowing it to nourish us. The storms have a way of helping us to deepen our trust in the Lord as we have to let go of our old understanding of what makes us “secure”  in order to discover a new layer of solid ground in Him. Perhaps we can gain insight and growth out of the stormy times in our lives even more so than the smooth stretches.

May we hear the silent assurances in the midst of our storms urging us to venture further, across the water in Faith.