Devotions from Judy’s heart

Being sick this past week, Al took me to the Dr, and I hoped for a quick miracle pill. The Dr. diagnosed Anaplasmosis and Lymes from my symptoms and tests, and gave me that miracle antibiotic. She told me I would feel better the next day and that was hard to believe since I felt so crummy then. But I did feel amazingly so much better in 24 hours.  It made me think of what is like before we really know the Lord. We are all “sin sick” and need the Great Physician.  People might even say, “Come to the Lord and He will take care of All your problems!”  The step of inviting Him into our hearts may seem small ( like the little pill) and yet it is powerful, for He comes into our lives and changes everything. Our whole outlook is different. But all those changes don’t happen overnight. Just like I am on the mend, but my headaches, nausea and  liver tests etc will show I am still recovering. It takes time for our bodies to be healed, just as it takes time for changes to happen in our spiritual lives. We need to follow the advice of the Great Physician and trust He knows  us best.