Devotions from Margaret Silf’s book, At Sea with God

When we feel life is hard and painful, we may see heaven as our destination where all is well, and earth a place to just survive!  But many of our spiritual fathers of the past remind us that heaven is here and now too, as Jesus said He came to give us life in all it’s fullness.

Jesus tells us to become like little children who embark upon life’s journey with no sense of there being a destination. “They just get on with it, living each day as it comes, dealing with each new encounter, negotiating each new relationship, rejoicing in each new discovery, learning from each new experience of pain.” They are growing and becoming and they are in process, evolving into who they truly are, the person God dreamed of when He created them. We can learn from them to sail life’s seas in ways that help us to grown into wholeness. Actually the wholeness happens as we sail. The destination will look after itself, if we lovingly attend to the moment we are living, just as a child would. Our destination then evolves through the people we meet as we journey, through the incidences of our daily lives, through each word of praise and criticism we receive, through failure and achievement, through everything that challenges us…..through everything that happens to us as we sail. Let us allow God to launch us upon every new day of that journey!