Devotions based on David Benner’s book, Opening to God

Simply said Lectio Divina is 4 movements that involve reading and listening to a short passage of scripture several times. It begins with the first reading which is opening ourselves  to hear the words but also to listen particularly for the word or phrase that stands out for us.  We might notice a memory triggered or an experience that comes to our consciousness. But we sit in stillness to allow God’s word to form within us. After silence we go on to the second reading and this time we allow time to ponder it and hear it with both our head and heart. The third time we allow ourselves to respond to what has touched us. This response can be worded or unworded but it is a prayer if it is offered in openness to the Lord. The final reading is to simply allow ourselves to be with God in stillness. Just Rest in God and be with Him who has spoken to us through His word. I know I need to slow down as I read too quickly and too much at a time. I need to listen more intently and let the Word read me!