Dear Ones,
Happy weekend! Hope you are enjoying this sunny day. This morning I cleaned the apartment and   made chili, and a dessert for tomorrow, and choc covered raspberries as I didn’t have even one left. This afternoon we have several errands to run before our walk. 
Devotions from Judy’s heart
   Are there times you feel depleted and question if you have enough in your tank to complete what you need to accomplish? We probably have all been in that place and the enemy will capitalize on it and whisper that we don’t have what it takes. He will cause us to question if we can make it to the finish line. But the Lord will give us whatever it takes to accomplish what He has in store for us.
   I like what Kirk Routio had to say when he wondered how he could finish out the season at the ARC (Association Retreat Center in Wisconsin). He is the executive director of the retreat center and there is always much to do. But he said, “I woke up this morning; thus, He has already given me what I needed for today. I just have to be willing to move, and he will take care of the movements We are called to simply show up and once again, be willing to go wherever He tells us. It does not matter how full our tanks are. It just matters that there is enough for the day at hand. Go play, work, live and love remembering that life here is temporary and leave the outcome in His hands. My weakness is all part of His plan.”
   Let us not complain that we don’t have enough time or energy but only that we are obedient, for there is enough for what we are called to do. The Lord has the outcome planned and will fill us with all that we need for each day. It says in Eccl. 11:7 (The Message), “Oh, how sweet the light of day, and how wonderful to live in the sunshine! Even if you live a long time, don’t take a single day for granted. Take delight in each light-filled hour.”
   We have only one life to live so may we live it fully and well. Let us enter into each day with joy and anticipation for all that God has. We will have enough in out tank for what He calls us to do so let us do it with delight!
   Challenge for today: Thank the Lord that He has deposited within you all that you need for this day and go forth in joy.
Blessings on your weekend and prayers and love, Judy