Devotions based on Kenneth Boa’s book, Conformed to His Image

Our presuppositions shape our perspective in life and our perspective shapes our priorities and our priorities shape what we do. We all have a set of presuppositions about life, even we are not really aware of it. So often we choose temporal and earthly visible things over the eternal things that are invisible. We think we are in control and tend to seek pleasure, recognition, popularity status and power. But these earthly things lead to emptiness and delusion. But when we seek God and His kingdom we find true fulfillment and wisdom and love. Sometimes God takes away our “toys’’ for a time so that we can find eternal pleasure in Him. When we have a faith presupposition we find that life is about God and not about us: we exist to serve Him and not to persuade God to serve us. Another implication is that we have no higher purpose than to grow in knowledge and grace of God and become like Him. Also, we learn the scriptures and apply them to our lives. God is in control and our obedience flows out of trust in Him. We realize we do not know better than Him. When we have an eternal perspective we realize that our earthly journey is a preparation for life forever with Him. When we travel to another country we must exchange our currency. The currencies of this world will do us no good in the next unless we invest them for His sake in the lives of others.  Let us present Christ to the world and not miss the opportunities He sends us.