Dear Ones,
Happy Weekend! Hope you are already enjoying a little time to relax. This morning I made S.F choc chip cookies and choc covered raspberries that Al loves. We were pleasantly surprised by Kurt and Brenda stopping to see us on their way to the Silver Chateau. Timing was perfect as I had a hair appointment a couple minutes after they left! 
Devotions from Judy’s heart
As I was reading from Psalm 106 today, I read that the sad words in verse 13, “But they soon forgot His works; they did not wait for His counsel.” The Psalmist is referring to the children of Israel who went through the Red Sea on dry land, who drank the water that flowed out of the rock, and experienced so many miracles but they forgot! They complained and grumbled and didn’t seek His counsel but went their own way. 
Before we judge them though, let us examine our own lives, with open eyes, to see how we are often just like them. We may experience the Lord taking us through a very difficult time and then something minor happens and we complain and go into a funk. God where are you?! Why did you let this happen to me! But the Lord is always with us and our peace rests in being in communion with Him as we walk the journey together. In my own life, I have to watch that I don’t get busy doing too many things that my attention strays from Him and my prayer life suffers. It’s wonderful when our life becomes more a life of continual prayer when we experience Him as we work and go about our day. Each morning I pray that I may be aware of His presence with me throughout all that happens in my day. Also, to slow down when interruptions come and see them as His divine interruptions with purpose. 
I read today of Xochitl Dixon who was helping at church to set up for an event. She noticed a woman crying at the other side of the sanctuary and really wanted to ignore her since the woman had gossiped about her in the past. But the Holy Spirit spoke to her heart and reminded her of all she had been forgiven, and she went over to the woman; she listened to her share about her baby who had been hospitalized for some time and prayed for her; later they became good friends as they worked things out. Often God interrupts our day and wants our attention and to direct us in what He has planned. We need to seek His counsel and listen and not charge ahead as the Israelites did and got off course. Life becomes rather exciting when we don’t forget the Lord in our day but listen and go His way.
Challenge for today: All throughout the day, tune your ear to hear God’s voice and obey.
Blessings on your weekend and prayers and love, Judy