Dear Ones,
Hope you are enjoying this weekend. I just made 2 zucchini cakes and Al’s favorite cookies and the apartment is full of aroma. Kurt and Brenda are on their way to the cabin with friends from back in KS. I cleaned the apartment and this afternoon I am getting my hair cut and going to the Dollar Store. 
 Devotions from Judy’s heart
    A friend said to Al and me that he was excited that his next poem was going to be on patience. I told him be careful what you pray for, as you will be tested on circumstances in your life that develop more patience! It is a beautiful fruit of the Spirit and Paul speaks of Love, Joy, Peace first before Patience in the list of fruit recorded in I Cor. 13. I can see why! The next day our friend said that he was “impatient with trying to write about patience” and seeking to get it together! We all need patience and another word for it is long suffering or to endure. An author, Ajith Fernando, wrote about patience in dealing with the weaknesses of others and also in dealing with sins of others.  I liked what he had to say.                                  We all have weaknesses but as it says in I Thes. 5:14 that we are to ”admonish the idle, encourage the fainthearted, help the weak, be patient with them all.” Some weaknesses are part of our personality make up and other weaknesses may result from wounds that we experienced and left us shaped in a negative way. But whatever our weaknesses, Fernando is careful to remind us that the Holy Spirit will come alongside us and help us bear whatever burden we carry and struggles we have, for He understands our weaknesses. Some of us are scatterbrained, some perfectionists, others may be impulsive or slow etc., all of which can lead to sin if not disciplined. But we are to learn to get along, and be patient with others, even if they irritate us. We can’t just cancel them out, for I often wonder what behavior I have that irritates others also. Perhaps we married someone that is opposite of us, it will take extra patience and understanding. Instead of trying to change them, we choose to show patience and love, and remember the good in them outweighs their weaknesses. We may even be asked to help them overcome and improve in weak areas. Some need inner healing from hurtful experiences they have endured. It may take time and prayer and listening and patience while they get healed. Never let us forget that we are to help the weak and one day we will give account if we lived a life of love and patiently endured.
Challenge for today: The next time someone’s quirks irritate you, ask God to show you how to see the good things about them and be patient.
Blessings on your weekend and prayers and love, Judy